Medical Terminology Made Incredibly Easy! (Incredibly Easy! by Springhouse

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Written within the award-winning, lighthearted Incredibly Easy! sort, this booklet is a wonderful reduction to figuring out and retention of scientific terminology. the 1st bankruptcy specializes in key ideas of clinical terminology, together with universal note parts. next chapters conceal person physique structures, offering in-depth definitions that attach phrases to their meanings. This 3rd version beneficial properties new chapters on obstetric and psychological well-being phrases and elevated "Pump Up Your Pronunciation" charts. eight-page full-color inserts provide a better examine anatomical terminology.

A better half web site deals pupil and teacher ancillaries together with a pronunciation consultant with 1000s of phrases, "Pump Up Your Pronunciation" examine playing cards, perform workouts, PowerPoint shows, and a attempt generator.

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Who are you calling fat? Adipose tissue (fat) is a specialized type of loose connective tissue in which a single fat droplet occupies most of the cell. It cushions internal organs and acts as a reserve supply of energy. ) Bone Bone is hard, dense tissue with a calcified matrix. Cartilage Cartilage is a flexible matrix with a gristlelike gel. Blood Blood is a liquid matrix that contains red and white blood cells. Muscle tissue The three basic types of muscle tissue are striated, cardiac, and smooth.

Organs and systems: The specialists When a group of tissues handles a more complicated task than any one tissue could perform alone, they’re called organs. Organs combine to form systems, which perform a more complex function than any one organ can manage on its own. The body depends on these systems in the following ways: • The immune system protects the body from disease and invading organisms. • The nervous system and sensory system process incoming information and allow the body to respond.

29 Beyond the dictionary Why call it integumentary? It’s easy to see why integumentary is the term for a body system that includes the hair, skin, nails, and sweat glands. The origin of this word is the Latin word integumentum, which means to cover. qxd 8/19/08 4:24 PM 30 Page 30 BODY STRUCTURE • Distal describes a point farthest from the point of origin. • Superficial describes a point nearest the body surface. • Deep means away from the surface. Body planes and sections The body is theoretically divided into three areas called the sagittal, the frontal (coronal), and the transverse planes.

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