Mind of Mahamudra (Advice from the Kagyu Masters) by Thupten Jinpa, Peter Alan Roberts

By Thupten Jinpa, Peter Alan Roberts

The brain of Mahamudra is the 3rd quantity within the Tibetan Classics sequence, which goals to make to be had available paperback variants of key Tibetan Buddhist works drawn from knowledge Publications' Library of Tibetan Classics.
Enjoy six key texts at the cornerstone meditation perform of the Kagyu institution of Tibetan Buddhism through a few of its so much celebrated forebearers.
The brain of Mahamudra highlights mahamudra, the important meditation perform of the Kagyu college of Tibetan Buddhism. The six texts diversity in date from the 12th to the 17th century and comprise such celebrated authors as Lama Shang and the 3rd Karmapa. Mahamudra is basically an easy, direct technique for taking a look past our techniques to the very nature of awake adventure. Mahamudra actually capability "the nice seal" and masters of this practice have defined it to intend that every little thing is sealed with buddhahood, and there's no liberation to be attained except what's already current. Mahamudra, it's acknowledged, isn't really attained now not since it is just too tricky, yet since it is just too effortless; no longer since it is simply too a long way, yet since it is just too shut; and never since it is hidden yet since it is simply too glaring. due to its universality and directness, mahamudra meditation is especially suited for the trendy West. Eminent pupil Peter Alan Roberts attracts on his thirty-plus years of expertise of translating for Tibetan lamas to light up those benchmark translations.

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Debates over the nature of physiognomical knowledge were part of the history of the conflicting natural philosophies of the period. Different understandings of the ‘physiognomy of man’, the ‘physiognomy of nature’, and the ‘physiognomy of representations of nature’ constitute a hitherto unexamined element of early modern moral philosophy, natural history, and art history. Historiographically speaking, all of these form part of a number of modern grand narratives, be it the Weberian notion of the ‘disenchantment of the world’; Thomas Kuhn’s notion of a ‘paradigm shift’ in science from a qualitative to a mathematized and probabilistic approach to nature; Foucault’s argument about an epistemic shift from a grid of correspondences to a theory of representation; Arthur Lovejoy’s famous study of the ‘great chain of being’; Daston and Park’s notion of the cyclical life of ideas; or Warburg’s ‘historical psychology of human expression’.

Indeed, evidence that the physiognomy implicit in this passage was still an issue in the late seventeenth century can be seen in a 1677 sermon by Joseph Caryl, preacher to Lincoln’s Inn, rejecting what he claimed was a strict, chiromantical reading of the Hebrew for this passage: The Hebrew is, In the hand he will seal, or, sealeth every man. From which strict reading, some have made a very impious interpretation of this Text, thereupon grounding that (as most use it) most unwarrantable Art of Chiromancy, as if God did put certain Lines, Prints, or Seals upon the hand of every man, from whence it may be collected and concluded, what (as some call it) his Fortune or Destiny will be in the world.

Yet just how one was to differentiate between those aspects of their personae ‘that seem not due to Education’ Boyle did not state. Physiognomically speak⁵⁰ W. A. L. Vincent, The Grammar Schools (1969), 64. ⁵¹ Francis Bacon, Collected Works, ed. J. Spedding, R. L. Ellis, and D. D. Heath, 7 vols. i, 368. ⁵² Robert Boyle, General heads for the natural history of a country (1692), 9. Introduction 31 ing, whilst these histories do not appear to have ever confined one particular form of the eyebrow with one particular moral characteristic and one particular region, none the less, these allegedly scientific investigations were repeating at the level of natural history the sort of ‘loose’, physiognomical connection found in astrology or humoral theory and their respective connections between a handful of physical features and a handful of vaguely related metaphysical features.

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