Moving and Accessing SAS 9.1 Files by SAS Publishing

By SAS Publishing

During this advisor, you will the best way to use CEDA, the popular procedure for dossier entry throughout a community, in addition to easy methods to use the conventional approach to relocating a SAS dossier throughout working environments.

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Here is an example: proc cport file=in library=out; proc cimport infile=in data=new; In order to expand the import operation to include the entire contents of the destination library, specify the LIBRARY= option instead of the DATA= option in PROC CIMPORT. PROC SQL Will Not Store a V9 View into a V6 Library Usually, this message appears when you use the XPORT engine to create a SAS 9 PROC SQL view in transport format in a SAS 6 library. However, you can use the XPORT engine to create an SQL table.

12 PROC CPORT. More Library Members Exist in the Input File. For all of Them to Get Converted, Please Specify LIBRARY=libref Parameter in the PROC Statement This warning message is displayed at the target operating environment when PROC CIMPORT contains a DATA= destination member and the source operating environment used PROC CPORT with the LIBRARY= destination member. Although, the target operating environment successfully imports only one data set, the message indicates that other members are contained in the library that can also be imported.

For information about file corruption and how to recover from this condition, see Chapter 12, "Preventing and Fixing Problems," on page 67. 11 through 9 support the FILENAME statement with the FTP access method, which specifies file attributes for file transfer. 11 do not support the FILENAME statement with the FTP access method. Using a Magnetic Medium for Tansferring Files in Foreign Format and Transport Files When transferring a transport file by means of tape, always use an unlabeled tape. Although using a standard labeled tape is possible, it usually requires extra work to read the file at the target machine.

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