Nanotechnology by G. Schmid ... [et al.] (eds.)

By G. Schmid ... [et al.] (eds.)

V. 1. rules and basics --
v. 2. Environmental elements / edited by means of Harald Krug --
v. three. details expertise I / edited by way of Rainer Waser --
v. four. info know-how II / edited through Viola Vogel --
v. five. Nanomedicine / edited via Viola Vogel --
v. 6. Nanoprobes / edited by means of Harald Fuchs

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To visualize the different strategies of these two approaches is the topic of this chapter. We first will give a few simple explanations and arguments. Then we will illustrate the differences of the two strategies in the context of a variety of examples. Finally, we will discuss the limits of both approaches. 1 Top-Down Strategies How can we get to smaller and smaller sculptures and objects? The idea of top-downstrategies is to take processes known from the macroscopic world and to adopt them in such a way that they can be used for doing the same thing on a smaller scale.

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