.NET 2.0 for Delphi Programmers by Jon Shemitz

By Jon Shemitz

This ebook offers .Net from a Delphi programmer’s standpoint. It provides the middle strategies of the .Net global by way of the suggestions a Delphi programmer is already accustomed to. it truly is designed to aid today’s Delphi programmers not just undertake to Delphi for .NET, but in addition to C# if that's their choice. you need to think of the e-book because the Delphi an identical of a migration e-book. We have already got migration books for VB6 programmers relocating to .NET, and C++ programmers relocating to .NET. This ebook is for Delphi programmers relocating to .NET.

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Objektorientierte Programmiersprache C++: Vollständige Einführung anhand von Beispielen (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)

In diesem Werk werden alle Aspekte der Sprache C++ behandelt, deshalb ist das Buch ebenso für Einsteiger, mit oder ohne Vorkenntnisse über eine andere Programmiersprache, als auch für Umsteiger von anderen Programmiersprachen bzw. C-Programmierer geeignet. Die Darstellung der Sachverhalte erfolgt knapp und systematisch, die Beispiele sind kurz, prägnant und compiler- unabhängig und auf allen Rechnern mit C++ 2.

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As per the upcoming “Boxing” topic, boxing is not incredibly expensive, but it’s not free, either. The second problem is that the methods that return values from a universal collection return a universal Object type. They have to be cast back to the type that was actually put in the collection. This is checked and type safe, of course, and it’s fairly cheap (though not free) for reference types, but it’s an unboxing operation for value types. Unboxing isn’t very expensive, either, but it is usually more expensive than a checked cast.

0’s new null coalescing (or “default”) operator. If the left Value is non-null, the ?? operator returns the left Value. Otherwise the ?? operator returns the right Default. You can use the new ?? operator with any type that may be null—not just nullable types. For example, stringParameter ?? "" turns a null stringParameter into an empty string, while passing through any non-null stringParameter. NET programming. For example, in Delphi, each enumerated type is a distinct type, and there’s no way to write a function that can return any enumerated value.

NET’s objects are a lot like Delphi’s objects. NET, a TObject is an Object, with the addition of a few TObject methods via a new class helper mechanism (see Chapter 10). Accordingly, there’s nothing in this chapter about basic object-oriented concepts like encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, and information hiding. NET object model and how it differs from the Delphi object model: what’s new, what’s different, and what’s missing. 1. Object, and it may not be obvious that these refer to the same type.

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