New Perspectives on HTML, XHTML, & XML Comprehensive by Patrick Carey

By Patrick Carey

New views on HTML, XHTML, and XML: entire third variation through Patrick Carey. direction know-how PTR,2009

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Thomas Gage, lead performer at Circus England

Marking a block quote Figure 1-15 block quote 4. htm in your Web browser. Figure 1-16 shows the revised page with the quoted material. Dave’s Web page with customer comment Figure 1-16 block quote Note that the customer quote also included two paragraph elements nested within the blockquote element. The indentation applied by the browser to the block quote was also applied to any content within that element, so those paragraphs were indented even though browsers do not indent paragraphs by default.

5. What element do you use to mark the beginning and end of an HTML document? 6. What code would you enter in your document to set the page title to “Technical Support”? Where would you enter this code? 7. Specify the code needed to add the comment “Page Updated on 4/15/2011” to an HTML file. 8. 2 Working with Block-Level Elements You’re now ready to begin entering content into the body of Dave’s Web page. The first elements you’ll add are block-level elements, which are elements that contain content that is viewed as a distinct block within the Web page.

How then do you insert this symbol into the Web page? Character Sets To add dots to Dave’s address, you must reference a symbol that your browser will be able to display but is not found on your keyboard. This is done by using a collection of characters and symbols called a character set. Character sets come in a wide variety of sizes, based on the number of symbols required for communication in the chosen language. For English, no more than about 127 characters are needed to represent all of the upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, spaces, and special typing symbols in the English language.

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