Numerology: With Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology by Harish Johari

By Harish Johari

Tantric student Harish Johari indicates the right way to be sure your psychic quantity (representing self-image), your future quantity (pertaining to karma and the way others understand you), and your identify quantity (social life). in accordance with those dominant numbers, ideas are given relating to favorable colours to be worn, meditations to be practiced for well-being and prosperity, and powerful and vulnerable sessions of the day or year,

"A precise renaissance guy, Harish Johari maintains his vocation of bridging the East/West gap."—(_EastWest Journal_) A Tantric pupil and a professional within the Hindu traditions of Ayurveda and astrology, Harish Johari offers the 1st method of numerology to mix numerical values, astrological information, and research of physique kind. utilizing uncomplicated calculations, Johari explains the way to ensure your psychic quantity (representing self-image), your future quantity (pertaining to karma and the way others understand you), and your identify quantity (signifying social life). He exhibits how those numbers demonstrate information regarding your character, temperament, intelligence, skills, sexuality, spirituality, funds, and overall healthiness. an entire part is dedicated to every quantity, its attributes, and its corresponding planet, deity, and mantra. in keeping with your dominant number(s), concepts are given concerning robust and susceptible sessions of the day or 12 months, favorable colours and necessary stones to be worn, and meditations to be practiced for healthiness and prosperity. HARISH JOHARI is the writer of _Tools for Tantra_, _Chakras_, _The therapeutic strength of Gemstones_, and _Breath, brain, and Consciousness_. A painter, sculptor, and composer, he additionally served as consultant to Baba Ram Dass in the course of Ram Dass's preliminary day trip into mystic India.

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The high truth is this: Breathing is primordial. Breathing is archetypal. Breathing is divine. If you want to get right down to it, breathing is the first act of creation.  Breathing was the first act, and as such it is a thing that reverberates and is reflected at every layer of reality, in every universe, and at every stage of The Unfolding, throughout all of creation. My god. Breathing is “the word” of God. It is powerful beyond measure. Breathe deep and say to yourself, “I wish clarity,” and you will have it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that visualization, like breathing and trust, is one of the keys of rapid and safe spiritual awakening. But wait a minute. How does that work? ” Haven’t I been saying that visualization is all about the physical world? Well, yes, I did and, yes, it is. However, pause for a moment and consider. Breathe. Remember this truth: Your body… Your brain… Your nervous system… Your mind… Your heart, your voice, your muscles, your arms, your legs, and the blood that flows in your veins are all made up of physical matter.

Word to the wise: steer your own course and manifest your own world by using the basic spiritual techniques, like visualization, provided here.  Energy is really just a “stepped down” form of consciousness and as such, energy responds in a direct and literal fashion to the contents of your consciousness. As above in consciousness, so below in matter. Bottom line, if you think about something, then the “energy” that makes up the universe begins to move in the direction of your thinking. Keep something in your mind long enough and the energy of creation will eventually manifest your vision.

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