Object-oriented programming and Java by Danny C C Poo; Derek Beng Kee Kiong; Swarnalatha Ashok

By Danny C C Poo; Derek Beng Kee Kiong; Swarnalatha Ashok

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4. Add the functionality for a Square object to draw itself via ASCII characters. For example, a Square of length 4 can be drawn as: **** * * * * **** or: XXXX X++X X++X XXXX 5. println() methods may be useful. Find a number with nine digits d1d2d3,…, d9 such that the sub-string number d1, …, dn is divisible by n, 1<=n<=9. Note that each of the digits may be used once. 4 Implementation in Java In Chapter 3, we demonstrated how object-oriented concepts can be implemented via notations in the Java programming language.

For variable, the operator confirms that the object referenced is compatible with the specified class. Object x = new Counter(); Counter c; c = x; c = (Counter) x; // illegal since not all Objects are Counters // legitimate because x is at run-time // verified to reference a Counter (h) Precedence and Associativity Since most operators have operands that can be (nested) expressions, operator precedence and associativity rules are necessary to define the evaluation order. For example in evaluating “a+b*c”, “b*c” is evaluated before its result is added to a because multiplication “*” has higher precedence than addition “+”.

Java as shown in Listing 4-2. display()); } } Listing 4-2: CalculatorEngine class. java is the name of the file containing the Java source and $ is the system’s command line prompt. 3 Simple User Interface While the code in static void main() does execute to show the behavior of a CalculatorEngine object instance, it is an absolutely clumsy situation. Each evaluation of a new arithmetic expression requires editing code and recompilation. Ideally, we should be compiling the source once, but inputting different expressions for evaluation.

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