Operative Anatomy of the Heart by Denis Berdajs MD, Prof. Marko I. Turina MD (auth.)

By Denis Berdajs MD, Prof. Marko I. Turina MD (auth.)

Operative Anatomy of the guts covers specified facts and art at the morphological description of cardiovascular surgical procedure and surgery. issues lined comprise the full anatomy of the human chest. An appendix provides the move sections of the human physique together with the thoracic, belly and pelvic hollow space. those sections are offered as morphological guidance for larger interpretation of the pc scans.

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43). Serratus posterior inferior The levator scapulae is situated superior to both rhomboideus muscles at the back and side of the neck, originating via tendinous slips from the transverse processes of the atlas and axis and from the posterior tubercles of the transverse processes of the third and fourth cervical vertebrae. It runs diagonally toward the vertebral border of the scapula, where it is also attached. Note that the serratus lateralis may be found lateral to the attachment of the levator scapulae, and is attached to the medial angle of the scapula.

We suggest using an oscillating saw when performing the superior partial “inverse T” sternotomy. Oblique sternal incisions on the left and right sides of the sternum are made from the fourth intercostal space to the level of the fourth sternocostal joint (Fig. 22). The sternum is then opened long the midline from the level of the fourth sternocostal joint to the sternal notch (Figs. 23). A minimally invasive sternum spreader is inserted and the presternal residuum of the thymus is identified (Fig.

Hemostasis is accomplished using cauterization to control hemorrhaging vessels at the sternal periosteum. After placement of a sternal spreader, the thymic adipose tissue (Fig. 15), which is crossed by a few thymic veins, is incised up to the plane of the brachiocephalic vein (Fig. 16). The veins are then separated and clipped; the pericardium is reached just inferiorly to the thymic veins. Any of the heart chambers or the surface of the heart can be manipulated through this incision, making possible surgery of the ascending aorta and the pulmonary trunk and their primary branches.

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