Ophthalmology for Lawyers (Essential Legal Skills) by Emanuel Rosen, Walter Scott

By Emanuel Rosen, Walter Scott

This e-book presents a prepared perception into the constitution and serve as of the attention, how the parts may well malfunction obviously and the consequences of trauma and affliction. This ebook presents a transparent assessment of the problems concerned giving the reader an perception into the part elements of the attention and their collective malfunction. Ophthalmology greater than the other department of clinical perform makes use of jargon that's most likely unintelligible to the uninitiated. This e-book encompasses a worthy effortless reference consultant to ophthalmic terminology.

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The ocular surface is completed by the epithelial layer which covers the cornea and which is contiguous with the conjunctival epithelium. THE CORNEA The cornea is the ‘front lens’ of the eye forming a twin-lens system with the crystalline lens. It is contiguous with the white, tough, scleral wall of the eye, its clarity providing the transmission window for the images which are 18 Ocular Structures and their Function ultimately focussed onto the retina. The cornea has a shape which can best be likened to the underside of a teaspoon.

This process continues until a hollow lens vesicle forms. The primary vesicle is surrounded by a capsule. During lens development this basement membrane is continuously laid down by deposition of material from the adjacent epithelial cells until the definitive lens has formed. Soon after the formation of the lens vesicle the front and rear walls differentiate into dissimilar structures. While cells in the anterior (front) of the vesicle remain as a single layer of cuboidal epithelial cells, those at the posterior (back) terminally differentiate to form fibres.

For example, there may be traumatic, vascular, inflammatory or physical separation of the layers within the retina, or degenerative (age-related) conditions which represent the major types of pathology which can disturb retinal function. In terms of pathological anatomy the retina can be divided into peripheral retina, central retina including macula, and inner and outer retina together with its pigment layer. There are specific entities which affect the macular retina, which in turn have a profound effect on visual performance (and colour vision), as this is the seat of finely discriminating visual acuity, whereas defects of the outer retina have an effect on visual field, ie the projection of vision into space.

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