Philosophy Of Science - From Justification To Explanation by Aharon Kantorovich

By Aharon Kantorovich

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Until this place in evolutionary time, individuals were independent and complete. They lived and reproduced by dividing into two identical cells, alone. Bisexual species had a strange new burden to carry. They consisted of two kinds of members — male and female. They could not reproduce alone; they were incomplete. Nevertheless, this was the evolutionary path new creatures like plants and animals would follow. Here, at this juncture, are the beginnings of love, family, clan, and the wellspring of ethical behavior.

But evidently Leibniz never walked in the forest. If he did, he didn’t notice that the ground was littered with dead leaves, branches, and tree trunks. Yet those green Oaks still standing in beauteous splendor carry on as if endowed with eternity. And thus all forms of life press on no matter what; they continue with inexorable ardor to the last fleeting moment of optimism. 42 Chapter 3. Life is Optimism Triumphant Stand in Awe Consider the way things are. As the keystone of the arches We stand at the center Taking the measure of all things Absent, the universe is some other.

Often arriving as traders, they soon discovered that sword, shield, and robbery were much less time consuming and more profitable than trading. 30 Chapter 2. Living within Limits The Vikings started out from Scandinavia into the North Atlantic along a string of nearby island groups, the Orkney, Shetland, and Faeroe Islands. The Orkneys were conquered about AD 800. The Shetlands and Faeroes were settled later in the 800s. All three island groups formed societies that have been sustainable for the last 1200 years.

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