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Lipid-Mediated Signaling (Methods in Signal Transduction Series), 1st Edition

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With * - ~ ~the exception of the zeroeth moment, S I N ratio must be better than 100:135for the measurements to be meaningful. They are severely affected by baseline drift, inaccurate determination of the peak limits, tailing, incomplete resolution, and insufficient sampling frequency. 16 Measurement ofpeak mometzts. Position of reference time to is arbitrary If peak moments higher than zero have a future use for the analyst, it would seem to be as diagnostics in high quality chromatography. They are too sensitive for routine use.

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3), n s = C rici 0 where n is the number of components contributing to the signal, rj is the response of unit component of the solute i, and ci is the concentration or amount of solute. Peaks do not overlap in the sense that one covers or hides another: they sit on top of each other so that the whole signal is always visible. This does not mean that every peak can be seen - the change from packed columns to WCOTs showed how peaks can be concealed by each other; there is a limit of detection associated with resolution as well as peak size.

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