Plant Peroxisomes by Anthony H.C. Huang (Eds.)

By Anthony H.C. Huang (Eds.)

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3), although the most extensive biochemical data have come from work on castor bean endosperm. A remarkable 42 2 . 6). Comparative information is not available for these organelles in aleurone or perisperm tissues although isocitrate lyase was measured in glyoxysomes isolated from the perisperm of Joshua tree seeds. Peroxisomes have been isolated from barley and wheat aleurones, but there are no published data showing their posses­ sion of either malate synthase or isocitrate lyase, and in one instance the activities were reported as not present.

21, right). As an extreme in peroxisome morphology, an elaborate peroxisome is depicted in Fig. 22. It is ap­ parently a large sheet-like structure, observed in one thin section as an elongate organelle surrounding the large vacuole within the sporangium (Fig. 22). 7 μιη in diameter. 5 μπι in diameter. Different types of inclusions also are seen within fungal 3 III. Morphology and 57 Distribution peroxisomes, but less frequently than observed in flowering plants. These include both crystalline and noncrystalline types.

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