The World's Youth: Adolescence in Eight Regions of the Globe by B. Bradford Brown, Reed W. Larson, T. S. Saraswathi

By B. Bradford Brown, Reed W. Larson, T. S. Saraswathi

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Rather, we argue that public spending on higher education could easily be subsidized by payments from students, since most of these students come from higher income households. A more efficient way of paying for tertiary education would be to distribute need-based scholarships for people from financially disadvantaged households. Equity in Education Equitable education also requires the elimination of gender, race, ethnic, religious, class, and urban/rural differences in access to schooling. 4.

From Lesotho to Luxembourg, over 90 percent of men aged 15–19 remain single. Far 42 Elizabeth Fussell and Margaret E. Greene greater regional variation exists in the percentage of women aged 15–19 remaining single. In sub-Saharan African countries and the Middle East and West Asia it is common for women to marry in their teens. In other regions there are some differences between countries. For example, among Asian nations, more than 80 percent of East and Southeast Asian women remain single throughout their teens, while fewer than 79 percent of women in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Iran remain single (we have no data for India, where the median age at marriage can be as low as 15 or 16 in some states).

Mensch, Bruce, & Greene 1998). Using data from Demographic and Health Surveys conducted over the past decade, Mensch and her colleagues show that adolescent girls are frequently sexually active but have little knowledge of reproduction or contraception and even less access to reproductive health services. They find that in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, fewer than half of sexually active never-married girls aged 15–19 are using modern contraception, placing many young girls at risk of premarital pregnancy and its consequences for their schooling, marriage prospects, and work lives.

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